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Earworks Consulting is an IT consultant who put itself to listen and focus on the company's needs. Our passion works to develop solution in accordance with business processes. Our  support is divided into three service areas to accelerate the solution provision, which are pre-development, application development and system implementation. These three service areas mutually support each other but can also independently stand.


Defining user requirement from the needs in workflow and business processes, what is needed and is required in operational activities with in-depth survey, analysis and design


Development of IT systems in accordance with each company's needs; which includes web and web-based app, mobile app, to internal and back-office systems.


Implementing the system best suited to company's business process and keeping the maximum uptime so client companies can focus on what they do best while we handle the rest.


Pre-Development is a process of gathering information, defining the needs of the company's workflow and business processes, what is needed and what is required by the operational activities, customers or management and even shareholders. Our activities in this service are in-depth survey, analysis and design, and the final result will be contained in a complete specification document called User Requirement.

This is recommended to achieve the company's goals effectively, on time and on budget. Time is the key; If the company's needs are clearly defined, time can be saved. Misleading assumption which caused by prolonged correction can be minimized.


This service aims to transform from system design into an application which integrates all needs of the company as designed in the User Requirement documentation.  By applying SDLC (system development life cycle) methodology, we ensures time efficient workmanship, quality controlled and reliable quality.

Mobile Apps

Building with experiences of more than 10 years in Mobile Application Development; ever since the trend started with J2ME, BlackBerry, to Android and iOS. We ensure the best user experiences.

Web Application

Web-based applications are not limited only in commercial websites, but may also be the base of company's information systems, administrations, even serve all IT purposes.

Business Activation

We does not only develop your Apps, but also think and work on improving your business. Application needs to integrate with company's business model, work flow, and current working systems.


Digital Trend Transformation

In the productive timeline, company's stakeholders always plan on company sustainability, and put their focus on customers. But as time goes by, their customer behavior changed in accordance with the direction of community habitual trends.

Since the end of Industrial Era, all operational units are aware of the importance of information mastery as the key to win the competition. This is supported by the rapid development of computer technology especially in the field of Information and Communication; and this need penetrated into every line of the company. Nowadays, it is certain that ICT is the only accelerating move in every joint of the business unit.



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